Welcome to Clairair Ltd.

With over 30 years combined experience in sensors, spanning many sensing techniques.
Clairair’s technology includes a wide range of sensing techniques including optical, catalytic, solid state, photochemical, ion and thermal methods. We make extensive use of 3D CAD, multilayer PCB and software compilers in developing products.

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  • Custom Design

    As an independent sensor company we understand customers sometimes need a customised approach for a sensor, a circuit or a software application. We are pleased to provide a custom service to meet such requirements.
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  • Our FAQs

    Please visit out document library to download and view our data sheets, that cover the range of products we offer and gives further insight into us a company.
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  • All metal construction
  • Minimised free internal volume
  • Internal Temperature Sensor

Prime IRSensors
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Linear Voltage
  • Acetylene

  • Specific sensing techniques
  • Maintenance-free sensor
  • Applications Support
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  • Documents

    The application of various sensing techniques leads to an ongoing program of product development. Clairair gas sensor products are backed up with extensive applications support.
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