Cirius Infrared Gas Sensors

Our Cirius range of standard infrared gas sensors incorporate patented technology and provide raw detector signals for users to interface to their own IR circuitry and software. Using a novel optical technique our sensors offer high sensitivity to target gases whilst having an extremely small sensing volume. Housed in an industry standard 20mm diameter package they are available as “basic format” 7 pin sensors.

  • All metal construction
    • No plastic parts to deform over temperature
    • Self screening for enhanced RFI tolerance
    • Self heatsinking for temperature stability
  • Small internal volume
    • Minimised free internal volume
  • High performance internal detectors
    • High ppm CO2 resolution
    • High volume CO2
    • %lel and %volume methane and hydrocarbon range options
  • Standard housing size
    • 20mm diameter 16mm depth
  • Basic format
    • Active, reference and thermistor temperature outputs


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