OEM Transmitters

The CiriusX OEM transmitter is a cost effective transmitter that interfaces standard type CiriusX infrared sensors to a linear 4-20mA source or sink output. A two line LCD display and a pushbutton menu provide a simple user interface and an RS232 port provides access to several more functions. The LCD display can be removed for situations where the transmitter must be tamper-proofed or for extended temperatures beyond the temperature range of the display; removing the display disables the pushbuttons. The transmitter can be personalised on start-up to display 2 lines of custom text if required. The 4-20mA output is link selectable as current source or sink and has a robust current drive capability.

Extensive fault monitoring is continuously applied and, in addition, internal self testing of hardware is performed at hourly intervals.

The CiriusX transmitter is fully configurable for any of the standard infrared sensor types for any applicable range and any custom range can be set up quite easily. Normally, the CiriusX transmitter is shipped with a sensor and provided precalibrated and temperature compensated with that sensor.

The datasheet and user manual for the CiriusX transmitter are available from the document library.


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