Prime IR sensors

The patented Prime IR sensor range accommodates a wide range of configurations for various target gases and ranges. Rather than have a huge list of product numbers we have tried to keep things as simple as possible: All Prime IR sensors are independent of the supply polarity so there is no polarity option required. All Prime IR sensors can be configured to provide a voltage or a pellistor format output so there is no different hardware part reference, simply an output selection option. The Prime IR sensors can cover various ranges of target gas so there are no different part numbers depending on the range, simply a range selection option.

The PrimePell sensor is a generic hydrocarbon sensor designed to provide similar outputs for similar %lel of a wide range of hydrocarbons. This is ideal for situations where there is a mix of different gases whereby one of course calibrates for the least sensitive gas but there is a more similar output for other related gases and vapours. A PrimePell sensor calibrated for %lel methane for instance will read quite similar levels when exposed to %lel levels of butane, at least up to 50%lel, rather than go overrange at quite low levels of butane. A catalytic pellistor sensor calibrated for methane generally reads lower for a given %lel as the hydrocarbon carbon number increases. The PrimePell sensor generally reads closer to the actual cross referenced %lel than a catalytic sensor without reading excessively high.

The PrimePell sensor can also be supplied configured as a high resolution methane sensor covering the ranges 0-100%lel and 0-100%volume methane, both ranges combined within the one sensor. The resolution automatically switches from 0.01% volume up to a reading of 10% volume to 0.1% volume above that.

As for CO2 sensors, the Prime2 sensor covers ranges from 0-2000ppm up to 0-10% volume, the typical default range is 0-5% volume but any range within these limits can be ordered. The Prime3 sensor covers ranges above 10% volume CO2 up to 100%volume CO2, again any range within those limits can be ordered.


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